Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.

Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.
NCG 4631 "The Whale Galaxy"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Past Mistakes

My life has gone awry. Past mistakes are catching up to me. Sometimes I feel like crying. It's difficult. I need to let go, and I wish the best for him.

Anthony has spent the past 2 weeks getting me caught up and slightly more educated on STAR WARS so I will be prepared for the opening show of Episode III tomorrow, 9:10 AM showing. Of course we are losing sleep watching the all past Star Wars movies, but what the hell. I'm excited for it.

Looks like I'll be going to San Francisco State after all, as long as I pass this Arts 1a class. I'm looking forward to it. Some things I will hate to leave behind (all my friends!) and others...I desperately need to.

the bridge to my future city

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Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,

This is your brother, Andy, speaking. It has come to my attention that you don't know anything about Star Wars. This is unacceptable. I am coming home in about one week, when I do we will have to do something about this. Please do not crash my car. It better be clean and perfect when I return. Or you're dead.