Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.

Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.
NCG 4631 "The Whale Galaxy"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the stranger blues

people are strange
and she's just another stranger passin' by.
had to get the hell out of my room
before i died
from lying in an idle position too damn long
feeling my soul hurting like no other
deteriorating and withering away, whaddya say
stranger? you can be my lover for a few days
and then we can get the fuck outta each other's lives.
how does that sound? just fine.
that's just fine.
i soothe the innercore by blowin my trumpet horn.
i satisfy the outercore by blowin dough at the cd store.
i satisfy the crust by buyin a brand new tee
i've got the stranger blues, but it fits me perfectly.
i'd rather not know you.
after all, you're just another stranger to me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Own Butcher

Still don't know what to believe
but you say i wasn't a tool.
i accept the way i feel for you
i accept how you don't.
besides unreturned emotions are far better than most
there are worse states of mentality...
and i butchered my arm off before it got ugly,
before the limb developed a mind of its own - dismembered,
along with a loss of hope.
i cope, so shakily.
you faked, your vacancy.
i moved right in, suitcases filled, teeming with exhilaration
at the simple coziness of your rib case.
i didn't know a living ghost lingered;
didn't notice
the bloodstains on the couch.
i must've been too busy kissing your mouth.
or bathing in blankets of raunchy affection
i naively mistook for flame.
(hasn't this happened before?)
but it was real from my side of the bed, by the way.
(i hope i never say that again.)
so props to you and your name.
in one week
you turned a rational being insane.
and i'm suffering now because i still adore you.
excuse me please, while i keep my insides from caving.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Answering my Own Questions

i don't really want to answer my own questions;
don't feel the need to answer to my old demons
i left enough of them behind.
but lately, with you on mind
why, i'm the epitome of glee,
succeeded by a penetrating misery.
this, i safely hide.
but it's got me on edge.
while i strain from tapping again the end of a cigarette,
damn it's got me fucking irritated.
i can't find you-
inside your head
while you're inside mine.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i'm just a lopsided star

I must've believed I was made of elastic
straining myself in five different directions
and even though the pressure shrieked frantic,
the band should've snapped sooner than unexpected.
and now I retreat back to size,
I cannot afford to lose any one point.
For one connection omitted means a lopsided star.
the story of my life: a center-missing heart.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


floating on contentedness
is just a strange way of loving both sides of the coin.
not exactly cloud nine, but that's besides the point
the point is happiness; that is the cure.
that is the only way to get by, even if it doesn't always work.
i can't keep my head above water if everyone else is drowning
i can't keep my mask of smiles if yours is frowning.
can't you see
how you are affecting me.
these dominos are just plain fucking depressing.
and you know i'm willing
but you can only drag it out so far till we both head down,
let's find us some remedy.
there's got to be better ways of dealing
and right now you're the best thing i've got for coping.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

my life so far

giving myself a break
and pulling away from the skin I tore,
from the late-night reevaluations, adjustments, philosophical epiphanies, and more.
Much like waking up to a hangover without the migraine
knowing something big's gotta change...
It's such a pain; memories of methods we used for coping,
the mind is such a great thing to rearrange
and continuously apt for leeway...
How do you describe experiencing the middle road?
The feeling of being perfectly happy being alone
and at the same time wishing it weren't so.
My contentedness lies within my ambivalence.
My loneliness is only a side effect of this condition.
If I can get through this,
I know I'm a glutton for bliss.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Make It Better

I grow restless
I shot a clean one to my head
But what's this the bullet has not yet penetrated
It's been filtered out by your presence
It's been blocked off, and now i'm saved by your love.
Oh it's more than I could ask for
It's more than a boyfriend
Because it means you've dug my insides, made it cake, instead.

i'm not a fucking fish

i didn't make you a clam
but i did pry you open
and your timing was just right
when you slammed shut on my hand.
i screamed for escape; i belong not in the water.
but the salt in my eye makes leaving you much harder.
did you think i could fully love you?
do gills grow from your ass?
i told you i'm not a fish; I'M NOT A FUCKING FISH!!!
you wouldn't believe me -
now look what's happened:
i threw you against a sinking ships sail, for cushion.
i hope you survived,
now leave me in the past.

well aren't i exasperated to the point of snapping!
what an intriguing world of Mammals this is:
we all need each other we're all searching for each other.
and we'll find it when the archealogists discover our bones with shock,
and so meticuously assemble it together for us.
so what's the fucking point.
there is no need to hide anymore
there is no real meaning to our lives but whatever we can.
it's only a matter of time now till impact
until i find my soul's goal and land.

Monday, July 24, 2006


I think I must enjoy being this lying lump of pity
yearning still for your dissipating memory,
I exhausted it long ago.
Would you be scared to know
I still piece it together
with scraps and glue
with obsession and gloom
with my own heart's desire for an artificial fuel.
It keeps me going, keeps me moving
in hopes of finding someone to fill that place.
your presence is too large; there is no space,
yet I keep you there as the centerfold.
i think i must enjoy loneliness
i've rejected every good thing that's come my way
there's truth to the statement after all:
not all men are dogs.
then why can't i seem to get my head from the clouds; the fog
distorts my view
I can't seem to realize
that there might be someone more magnificent than you.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Being a Stalker is No Fun

i think i'm dying of loneliness
i think i'm being eaten alive from inside my organs
my senses are lost to every numb cell
no longer fighting the leeches' teeth
a hopeless battle; a cause unworthy
of your salvation or your heed.
how i hate
how i can taste the starched dryness of this one-way love
this disgusting obsession i cannot escape from
so consuming, so embarrassingly painful to know
this is what i have become:
no longer a person,
but a Stalker in your eyes.
i wish to destroy myself from sight.
i wish to free you from my life.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Skin I'm In

i have built so much since my days of darkness
i have struggled through the stench of self-pity
i wash myself clean
but it's never quite thorough enough
to get between pressure-induced cracks hidden beneath inadequacies.
i conceal my face, my body, my layers of doubt
but ooh, i never hide my scarred arms anymore.
let my mutilated vitality leak through; i am in fact alive after drowning
i survived the wreckage; i am no longer in danger of ceased breathing.
still, it's so much easier to retreat
than to compare myself
the way he compared me to those beauties
those forms of goddesses; their thighs were not fat or pore-stricken
their bodies softly curved, and eyelashes gracefully aligned
their femininity not perfect, but somehow more substantial than mine
and on days like these i am reminded
of everything i've tried so hard not to be:
a self-reprimanding figure of ugliness,
a gluttonous result of low self-esteem.
well, fuck that.
i am not a marble sculpture,
my skin is my own.
i will take my fill of self-love and happiness
even if i have to take it alone.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

corny...but it WORKS...

"There are too many people praying for mountains of difficulty to be removed, when what they really need is courage to climb them." -unknown

Monday, April 24, 2006

my failed experiment

you were a beautiful experiment
which failed miserably
the tube cracked under the pressure
of such stinging heat in chemicals stirred with belligerence
and my futile effort to save you, running my thumb against cracked glass,
worriedly watching over you, scrutinizing those last few drops
sadly, hoping for more than failed result
finding nothing but the common elements:
sentiments, some annoyance, and affliction
i kept the remaining pieces, affectionately, protectively
until one day i cut myself on them, accidentally
i realized they were never meant to mix
now i only use water.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Black Hole

I cannot explain your essence
I cannot explain the aura of your being.
you are only flesh and blood,
but somehow,
your body is refracted back
as deep, abysmal mystery

Like the sun-tinted horizon
at the end of a Black Hole
you are soft and warming, but ultimately
That is your name.
That is the irony of your beauty,
so enthralling by nature, a true gem in the sky
only to find you as a pitch-black vacuum of light,
sucking away the agony from life
replacing it instead, returning those who enter,
with emptiness.
and an obliqueness of your mind.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Devil's Whore

It is like there is a world I cannot reach
The bridge is burnt.
The gate's slammed shut.
I am a fraud for even peering over the edge.
I belong to neither side
the unwanted child; a bastard's creation,
undeserving of true affection.
I stuff myself of scraps and pieces,
here and there.
Greedily devouring what others will throw,
I will take your love if you'll give it;
I am the devil's whore.
I am so confused.

Monday, April 10, 2006

can't sleep, but this made me feel better

maybe if i drink something hot
i can put myself to sleep
enwrap my body in the safety of the soothing, drowsy steam
and resist the urge to stain tobacco on my teeth.
no, instead please
guide me down, turn my dreams to your lipped kiss, mildly...
but what i hear is not my heart that's pounding
my god, it's going to hammer me consciously to death!
what a slow, excruciating torture
jammed open from the sore muscles on my eyelids
the veins threaten to burst from their threads
to guarantee i'll be a dysfunctional mess,
early next morning
as soon as i stumble out of bed.
let me live, get me on meds...

Monday, April 03, 2006

an island in novato

Is it time to move on?
I cannot.
I am the solid stone jammed in the sand
The water rises above my head to wash away the wreckage,
alter my view, and bring new plans
But there you remain.
You are a breath of fresh air to a dying sea
You are an anchor luring down suicide's name.
I am your greatest fan.
Your loyal mapper; I believe in your location, a latitude of faith.
I stumbled upon you, an obscure, alien island
Those who discover your riches
sink to their deaths in your lands.
This is why I watch from afar, safe as I perceive it
Though secretly I long for your wrath,
floating on this pathetic raft
waiting, waiting
for my rescue at last...

A moon-bound vessel bound to take me far from you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

take me away

take me to a place
far from here
cut and chase
away all miseries and longings
all hopeful inclinations of a simplistic solace
so difficult to find it's complex
so fucking sick
of searching
i'm so sick of feeling alien in my own body
of this parasite living inside my head
he's taken over and won't let go
he's grasping so tight i feel i'll choke
but he's all i know
if i stay safe in my comfort zone i'll be alright
i can drown in my own saliva at least then
i'll be warm

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

best valentines day ever

how is it possible that i'm single and i had a better valentine's day than i ever had with a bf? even though i only got about 6 or 7 hours of sleep last night i woke up happy and wide awake today. yesterday i dressed in red, hot for work, sunny day, enjoying my new job, got valentines wishes from a new friend in class and my cousin alice, a phonecall from an old high school buddy, had anthony come over at 11 last night to gorge ourselves with coldstone heart strawberry chocolate ice cream cakes and laugh till 1 a.m...

this weekend i am driving down to LA to the sports camp counselor meeting with calli and alex and have a campout. calli is raving about how i'll meet a ton of cool ppl and how it'll be such a blast. i'm excited but honestly, i'm a little nervous too. i'm sure my social skills won't fail on me, but still. i'm not used to putting myself out there for things like this. still, i'm happy with my life and i think there's a lot of stuff to look forward to.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i'm fucking 18, pretty much on my own, and i'm not gonna be fucking unhappy or lonely anymore

I'm entering a new phase of my life called, "i'm fucking 18, pretty much on my own, and i'm not going to be fucking unhappy or lonely anymore."

i am loving all the new friendships i'm making in my deanza classes. it gives me hope that perhaps i will be able survive in this world, and i will not have to go at it alone. alex and i came to a new revelation, thanks in part to calli, that we don't need a significant other to sustain us, that if our relationships with our friends/family are strong enough, they can make up for it and we can get through life content. sometimes things still get so hard. what if the void comes back, esp. after alex and anthony leave? it is easy to make aquaintances, but to find the real, deeper connection that i share with my two best friends is a different story. and with my not-so-exciting personality? we will see. i have hope.

Monday, January 23, 2006

i wish i could be more useful

I guess my loneliness was a tool for your own
you trap me in your blender, mix it on high
pieces blur together like sadness and wine
i'm such a sucker for love
i'm such a loser i have no idea what's going on
in your head things play out over and over to a dreaded nights sleep
and when you wake up i'll try to be there
i'll try to be there

but it's like running through broken furniture and water
it's like thinking you came out on top right before you go back under
i'm so scared
you'll quit breathing and then what happens next?
you're so fragile you didn't notice that despair crept
up on you
while you slept

and i'm all smiles right up to my ears
i'm nervous because your voice confirms my fears
and i don't know what to do i want to comfort you
but i'm at a loss for words
i'm at a loss for emotions and now i know i've lost you

Saturday, January 07, 2006

how i felt then and now

Low self-esteem can take a hike
or at least ride in the backseat for now
I'm done with bitchin and never getting anything done
I'm done with the high of feeling like a loser and never expecting one
good thing to come my way and be genuine, say
would you like to be my girlfriend?
My god, I'm scared shitless
your body frame is small but you fill up a whole lot of space
right here beneath my lung case
I'm gonna fuck it up, I know I will
nervously slap and streak on my makeup an hour before
no but I'll never be good enough for you, not until
you say you're mine and even then your beauty so unique
blows my mind, and transcends gender

You came along at just the right time
just right after that loser what's-his-face split
Holy shit, I think I'm gonna die
We're both an hour late but that's okay
I'm dressed in a short skirt and ready to rock n' roll
from the corner of my eye behind you
you turn your head back to catch my stroll
what a great feeling
kiss me with those scorching eyes,
see through me with that soft mouse smile
i'm upside down on the inside, so we leave the Rocky Horror show
and have ourselves a ball
i'll sit back at home happy disoriented waiting for your call
that'll never come, that'll never come
i'm so much in love
with something that never was.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I claim no one for myself
I battle inner demons and lonliness bouts
I take only enough to maintain my health
and then some, sometimes...
but that is only because I forget where I stand
when the wind has shaken my sense of validity
and my eyes sting from a hailing reality
I cannot hold solid to the ground.
My legs grow weak where your love is concerned
which is no concern of yours at all
why, it's only a fraction of your life in return
for my bloody heart pestering every waking moment
of this existence, just knowing of your existence
is like sun to sky
spreading every inch of warmth through the nerves
then burning the hell out from these cells of derm
my skin is thin
it breaks too easily
much too sensitive to just let you in
but i do,
and so it begins.