Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.

Swimming through the universe, one light-year at a time.
NCG 4631 "The Whale Galaxy"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


floating on contentedness
is just a strange way of loving both sides of the coin.
not exactly cloud nine, but that's besides the point
the point is happiness; that is the cure.
that is the only way to get by, even if it doesn't always work.
i can't keep my head above water if everyone else is drowning
i can't keep my mask of smiles if yours is frowning.
can't you see
how you are affecting me.
these dominos are just plain fucking depressing.
and you know i'm willing
but you can only drag it out so far till we both head down,
let's find us some remedy.
there's got to be better ways of dealing
and right now you're the best thing i've got for coping.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

my life so far

giving myself a break
and pulling away from the skin I tore,
from the late-night reevaluations, adjustments, philosophical epiphanies, and more.
Much like waking up to a hangover without the migraine
knowing something big's gotta change...
It's such a pain; memories of methods we used for coping,
the mind is such a great thing to rearrange
and continuously apt for leeway...
How do you describe experiencing the middle road?
The feeling of being perfectly happy being alone
and at the same time wishing it weren't so.
My contentedness lies within my ambivalence.
My loneliness is only a side effect of this condition.
If I can get through this,
I know I'm a glutton for bliss.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Make It Better

I grow restless
I shot a clean one to my head
But what's this the bullet has not yet penetrated
It's been filtered out by your presence
It's been blocked off, and now i'm saved by your love.
Oh it's more than I could ask for
It's more than a boyfriend
Because it means you've dug my insides, made it cake, instead.

i'm not a fucking fish

i didn't make you a clam
but i did pry you open
and your timing was just right
when you slammed shut on my hand.
i screamed for escape; i belong not in the water.
but the salt in my eye makes leaving you much harder.
did you think i could fully love you?
do gills grow from your ass?
i told you i'm not a fish; I'M NOT A FUCKING FISH!!!
you wouldn't believe me -
now look what's happened:
i threw you against a sinking ships sail, for cushion.
i hope you survived,
now leave me in the past.

well aren't i exasperated to the point of snapping!
what an intriguing world of Mammals this is:
we all need each other we're all searching for each other.
and we'll find it when the archealogists discover our bones with shock,
and so meticuously assemble it together for us.
so what's the fucking point.
there is no need to hide anymore
there is no real meaning to our lives but whatever we can.
it's only a matter of time now till impact
until i find my soul's goal and land.